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The most important criteria about buying a property is its location in Malta/Gozo or in a Special Designated Area and secondly to justify its price and affordability, payment terms as well bank loan possibilities.


We offer owners a free valuation of your property, discuss the property potential, and selling procedure from Promise of sale to contract; the taxes due and any other relative information.


There are a wide variety of properties for rental purposes in different locations, sizes and price ranges. We match tenants needs as best as possible to the properties that are available for rental at that time.

Malta – A tempting destination as a Property Investment / Rental destination

Once a favorable property for sale has been singled out, we help you in appointing a Notary Public to act on your legal behalf; and further with the signing of a Promise of Sale / Contract. We further help you with any permits necessary and any duties or taxes to be paid, and with a bank loan if necessary or with the importation of household goods. This procedure refers to both local and foreign buyers.

We offer landlords and tenants advise on rental properties usually on a 1 or 2 year contracts. And also offer landlords a possible Rental Management Agreement. We further offer prospective tenants advise to find the best suitable property available to suit their needs and help with a favorable rental agreement for both landlord and tenant.

Buying / Selling

For a more personalised service, send us more details about the property you wish to buy or sell.


We have a wide range of property for rentals. We make big effort to match landlords to tenants of the available property at that time.